Professor Janet Davies

National Allergy Centre of Excellence Repository & Discovery Pillar Lead, Respiratory Allergy Stream Co-chair

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  • Head, Allergy Research Group, Queensland University of Technology

As NACE Repository & Discovery Pillar Lead, Professor Janet Davies will oversee the design of a National Allergy Repository to harness the power of big data analysis to drive individualised healthcare. In her role as Respiratory Allergy Stream co-Chair, she is also helping to identify the priorities of Australians living with allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma and support the work of the NACE in synthesising and harmonising respiratory allergy research across Australia.

Prof Davies leads the QUT Allergy Research Group and is Associate Dean of Research for the QUT Faculty of Health. As the Assistant Director of Research for Australia's largest hospital network, Metro North Health (2015-2021), she developed research strategy, policy and chaired the clinical research education program. As Director of the QoVAX Program her team developed and implemented a digitally-integrated biobank and linked data repository within the public health system with an eRecruitment platform for a series of COVID-19 vaccination studies with over 10,000 participants tracking responses and health outcomes.

The underlying theme of Prof Davies’ research is antigen-antibody interactions. Her work primarily focuses on applied allergy research to improve diagnosis, treatment and understanding of the immunological mechanism underlying allergic respiratory diseases. This extends to leading the multidisciplinary AusPollen aerobiology partnership (2016-2020) that is establishing the standardised national pollen monitoring network and three associated ARC Discovery Projects.

Prof Davies is an inventor on a patent granted in Australia and USA that underpin development towards more specific immunodiagnosis and treatment for subtropical grass pollen allergy. The NHMRC, ARC, the National Foundation For Medical Research Innovation, and The Allergy and Immunology Foundation of Australasia, support her recent research. 


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