In an Australian-first, the NACE pillars will generate the tools and resources to facilitate and accelerate allergy research. The NACE will also give consumers, clinicians and policy makers access to the latest evidence-based research into allergy preventions, intervention and treatment.

Allergy Research Pillar

To improve access to the world’s best allergy treatments, the NACE will oversee a Clinical Trials Network that supports large-scale, embedded studies; we will build and promote a directory of allergic disease clinical trials and observational studies underway across Australia, and develop national standardised outcome measures and tools for researchers.

Allergy research hub
Repository & Discovery Hub

Repository & Discovery Pillar

This Pillar will harness the power of big data analysis through a National Allergy BioRepository to drive research underpinning individualised healthcare.

Evidence & Translation Pillar

Allergy research is accelerating across the world, which means that systematic reviews rapidly become outdated. The NACE will lead a series of living systematic reviews and stakeholder roundtables on drug, food, insect and respiratory allergy to seamlessly connect evidence and practice.

Evidence & Translation
Training and Innovation

Training & Innovation Pillar

To remain at the forefront of global allergy research, the NACE will help support and mentor PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from around the country. Senior NACE allergy researchers will supervise competitive scholarships and fellowships to help continue the momentum of addressing this public health crisis.

Individuals and families

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