Introducing the next generation of allergy researchers

Monday, June 19, 2023 - 12:00 PM

The National Allergy Centre of Excellence (NACE) has announced nine postgraduate scholars to help address the gaps in our knowledge across drug, food, insect and respiratory allergic disease.

The NACE, hosted at Murdoch Children's Research Institute, announced the competitive PhD or Master's candidates during World Allergy Week 2023.

Senior NACE allergy researchers will supervise the scholars to help continue the momentum of addressing the allergy epidemic in Australia.

Professor Dianne Campbell, NACE Training and Innovation Hub Lead, said: "This is an exciting opportunity to not only accelerate allergy research across Australia, but also to remain at the forefront of global allergy research, particularly at a time when we are considered the allergy capital of the world.

"As part of their thesis, each scholar will undertake a global systematic review of the latest evidence relating to their projects and receive valuable mentorship from the extensive NACE network of allergy experts," Prof Campbell said.

The postgraduate projects include:

  • Multidisciplinary health services approaches to low-risk penicillin allergy delabeling
  • Improving in vitro assays for diagnosing drug allergy
  • Optimising the management of nut allergy before school through new models of care
  • Long-term impact of peanut oral immunotherapy on quality of life: a longitudinal analysis of the PPOIT-003 randomised control trial
  • Role of glyco-antigens (including alpha-gal) in tick-induced anaphylaxis and their clinical significance (including the development of concurrent mammalian meat allergy in tick anaphylaxis sufferers)
  • To develop and validate an in vitro diagnostic system to assess insect allergy and monitor outcomes of venom immunotherapy.
  • Improving the uptake and use of allergen immunotherapy for respiratory allergies
  • Patient perspectives in allergic rhinoconjunctivitis and allergen immunotherapy
  • A novel resuscitation algorithm and implementation framework for advanced management of anaphylaxis.

The NACE is proud to have awarded equivalent to National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) stipend rates for each project and the scholars are based at universities across Australia.

Meet the scholars and learn more about their postgraduate projects.

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