Emerging allergy researchers take part in NACE - CFAR Training Day

Friday, May 17, 2024 - 3:00 PM

NACE - CFAR Training Day

Emerging allergy researchers looking for an edge took part in the NACE - CFAR Training Day in Melbourne today.

National Allergy Centre of Excellence (NACE) and Centre for Food Allergy Research (CFAR) Postgraduate Scholars, Postdoctoral Fellows and Early-mid Career Researchers were invited to participate in the exclusive event to:

  • Take advantage of specialised sessions to help elevate their presentation and communication skills

  • Boost knowledge on research impact, including how to approach it with clarity and purpose

  • Hear from CFAR Postdocs, who presented their latest work in food allergy research at a lunchtime seminar

  • Network with allergy researchers, including members of the NACE Leadership Group.

Prof Kirsten Perrett, Simon Clews

Pictured: NACE and CFAR Director Prof Kirsten Perrett and Simon Clews.

Specialised training sessions included:

Getting your message across - communicating your research in an accessible and engaging way

Simon Clews, Learning Advisor for Researcher Development, Australian National University

Communication is the key to success these days. Being able to explain who you are and what you do in an accessible and engaging way is now an essential skill for any academic. This session will explore different to share your research with the world outside the institution and build what is often called a ‘platform’. The session will be fast, furious and fun. And … highly interactive!

Approaching research impact

Ken Knight, Head of Research, Impact and Consumer Involvement, Murdoch Children's Research Institute

There is a buzz around 'impact' in health and medical research. Funders, organisations and the broader community expect research to make a tangible difference, and for researchers to communicate their impact with compelling rigour. But what is research impact? Where did this notion come from, and how can we approach it with clarity and purpose? And - most importantly - how do we do the complex work of raising awareness about the knowledge we generate, and facilitate its use in society? Join us for a session that will provide a comprehensive overview of research impact, and outline a series of evidence-informed practices that enable it.

CFAR Postdoc Lunchtime Seminar

Pictured: Prof Kirsten Perrett with CFAR Postdocs Dr Catherine Hornung, Dr Shay Karnaneedi, Dr Catherine Lai, CFAR Chief Investigator and Seminar Chair Associate Professor Debbie Palmer, Dr Des Shifti, CFAR Program Manager Dr Angela Young. Dr Sarah Ashley (not pictured) presented online.

CFAR Postdoc Researchers Lunchtime Seminar 

Learn about some of the latest work happening in food allergy research across Australia. Leading Centre for Food Allergy Research Postdoctoral Fellows will delve into their latest findings and what impact these might have on children and adults living with allergic disease.

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