Sophie Rosser

Food Allergy Stream PhD Scholar

  • PhD Candidate, University of Melbourne
  • Project: Long-term impact of peanut oral immunotherapy on qualityof life: a longitudinal analysis of the PPOIT-003 randomised control trial
  • Primary Supervisor: Professor Mimi Tang, NACE Food Allergy Stream Co-chair

Why is this research important to you personally, and those living with food allergy? 

The quality of life impairment caused by food allergy has been highlighted as the greatest public health burden of food allergy! Yet, allergy treatment trials often don’t look into quality of life and the factors that affect it. This research is important to me because of its real potential to improve the wellbeing of those living with food allergy. I have a great opportunity to identify best practice food allergy treatment options that consider patient quality of life a priority alongside remission of allergy. And that is very exciting! 

What inspired you to pursue a career in allergy research?  

The huge potential for interdisciplinarity is what inspired me to get involved in allergy research. I am very excited to combine my interests in epidemiology and young person’s health with the allergy immunology field.


Twitter: @sophie_rosser_ 



Associations between gender and health-related quality of life in people with IgE-mediated food allergy and their caregivers: A systematic review. Clinical & Experimental Allergy. 7 Feb 2024

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